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COCOPURE Bamboo Straw


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THIN- For liquids with a thin Consistency like Water & Juices!

100% Natural, Chemical-free & Eco-friendly!

Making the switch from Plastic to Bamboo Drinking Straws is super Simple and full of benefits!

It’s one of the easiest steps you can take towards helping solve the plastic waste problem on our planet.



COCOPURE Bamboo Straws is available in different sizes:

  • Thin- for drinks with thinner consistency like Water & Juices
  • Thick- for drinks with thicker consistency like Smoothies & Milkshakes.


  • It’s normal to have variations in each straw as these are from mother earth

Benefits of Using COCOPURE Bamboo Straws:

  1. They are Reusable and Long lasting.
  2. They are Cost effective.
  3. They are Healthy & Chemical-free.
  4. Bamboo Straws are Stylish and Fun to use.
  5. They are Durable.
  6. Easy to clean.
  7. They are super light making them Portable and Easy to carry in your Purses/Pockets.
  8. It’s an Eco-friendly and Renewable Resource!
  9. Use of COCOPURE Bamboo straw helps Eliminate Plastic Waste.
  10. It’s Biodegradable.

Cleaning COCOPURE Bamboo Straws:

  • To clean the inside, use normal water running from the tap into the straw. Can be cleaned with mild dish soap and air dried. An occasional 5 minute boil or soak in a mix of water + white vinegar is great for added cleanliness.
  • Avoid soaking your straws for hours as bamboo becomes soft and might bend.
  • When it has come to the end of its life cycle, please return it to nature.

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